Bulgaria to Croatia Train

There is no direct train from Bulgaria to Croatia. The railway route from Bulgaria connects Croatia via Serbia. If travelling by train, you would need to change trains in cities such as Belgrade or even Budapest and Vienna. Therefore, travelling from Bulgaria to Croatia by train could make sense only if visiting cities in the north such as Zagreb. Still, the travelling time would take up to 24 hours due to train changes.

If you would like to visit cities in southern Croatia such as Split or Dubrovnik, the train is definitely not the convenient option. While there is a theoretical connection between Sofia and Split via Belgrade and Zagreb, there is no further train connection to Dubrovnik.

The most popular travelling routes from Bulgaria to Croatia are those connecting the Bulgarian capital to Zagreb and Dubrovnik. The distance between the cities is up to 11 hours by car. As there is no train connection between the cities, check out the alternative options below.

Sofia – Zagreb

In order to avoid numerous and long train changes, you can consider taking a bus from Sofia to Zagreb. This is a more convenient type of ground transportation between these two cities. Once in Zagreb, it is possible to continue to numerous other Croatian cities by bus, such as Rijeka, Split or Dubrovnik.

Sofia – Dubrovnik

There is no train from Sofia to Dubrovnik, although it is a popular travelling route. Instead, consider taking a bus from Sofia to Dubrovnik as an alternative option of ground transportation. Besides being more convenient, this route is both faster and cheaper if travelled by bus.