Zadar – Dubrovnik

There is no train between Zadar and Dubrovnik. The railway connection in Croatia stops in Split, although there were once plans for expanding it further to Dubrovnik.

Currently, the only railway route in South Dalmatia is Ploce – Sarajevo, further connecting cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The final stop in Croatia is Metkovic train station. Therefore, the closest train station to Dubrovnik is Ploce, about 2 hours away.

A much more convenient way of travelling is taking a bus from Zadar to Dubrovnik as it significantly saves some money and time. There are up to 11 daily departures, including several night buses. Tickets start from €24 and the journey takes around 8 hours.

Still, if you really want to experience traveling from Zadar to Dubrovnik by train, the option is to take a train from Zadar to Split and then continue to Dubrovnik by either bus or catamaran. Below are both options explained.

IMPORTANT: Although there is a railway connecting Zadar and Split, the train does not travel the entire route, first you travel to Knin by bus. Once in Knin, you will be transferred to Split by train. This change does not mean you have to buy separate tickets.

The minimum waiting time for the train at Knin train station is 3 hours. There are up to 23 bus/train stops on the Zadar – Split train route, depending on the departure. To conclude, travelling by train on this route is a true hassle.

From Split to Dubrovnik by bus

One of the options is to continue from Split to Dubrovnik by bus. There are over 20 daily departures, including several night buses. Tickets start from €10 and the journey lasts approximately 4 hours.

From Split to Dubrovnik by catamaran

Another option is to travel by catamaran from Split to Dubrovnik. The route is seasonal with two departures per day. Tickets cost around €30. The catamaran drives the following route: Split – Bol – Makarska – Korcula – Mljet – Dubrovnik, the journey takes approximately 5 hours. Split ferry port is located a few minutes from the Old Town, right next to the main bus station and train station, while Dubrovnik ferry port is located about 4 km from the Old Town, next to the main bus station.