Zagreb Train Station

There are three train stations in Zagreb. Majority of passengers will end up boarding or arriving at the main station called Glavni kolodvor. However, depending on the route of the trains, passengers can also board or arrive at other stations in the city. Below is the list and a detailed guide on how to get to each station and which one to choose.

Zagreb Main Train Station

Address: Trg Kralja Tomislava 12, Zagreb
Phone Number: +385 (0)1 3783 240
Email: /
Working Hours: 24/7

Zagreb main train station, known locally as Glavni kolodvor, is the largest in Croatia. Usually when people say Zagreb train station, this is the one they have in mind. Since 1892, the station has served as the main hub for anyone travelling from and to Zagreb. The building itself has a neoclassical style. It is easily recognizable by large pillars and sculptures placed at the entrance. Also, station name Glavni kolodvor is chiselled into the building. Because of its history, it has been named a Croatian cultural heritage. There are 7 platforms at the station, three of which are directly accessible from the street. 

Location and getting there

Main train station is located about 1 kilometre south of the city center. Therefore, getting to the center can easily be done on foot. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to reach it. Several parks and sights can be seen along the way, so walking there might be a good idea. That of course depends how much luggage you are carrying. Another option is taking public transportation, which is operated by ZET. Tram lines No. 6 and No. 13 stop right next to the station, on the northern side. They are recognizable by their blue color and large sign on front, indicating the tram line and number. Tram ride takes about 5-6 minutes, but note that luggage has to be carried in the seating area, as there is no luggage compartment available. Tram ticket, valid for 30 minutes, costs 4 Kunas, which is about 0.5€. 


Despite its formidable look on the outside, the interior of the station is pretty modest. Station definitely requires some improvements, but still offers basic facilities for passengers. Here is a list of amenities travelers can find within Zagreb main train station:

  • Ticket Counter
  • Information Center
  • Toilets
  • Luggage Storage
  • ATM and Exchange Office
  • Caffe bar
  • Coffee machine
  • Kiosk
  • Bakery
  • Fast Food

Station doesn’t have a standard waiting room, but there are benches both inside and outside, where passengers can wait until the train arrives. All the signs in the lobby are written in both Croatian and English, so passengers should easily navigate through. Note there’s no lifts or escalators, which is important for anyone carrying a lot of luggage. The station is open 24/7, but the cash register sells the tickets only from 5AM to 11PM. Currently there is no Wi-Fi service available. Shopping mall is located right next to the station, with additional stores, shops and restaurants. For everyone looking to pass the time, there is a Botanical garden a few minutes away, as well as few parks and even the cinema. All of them are easily accessible on foot.

Zagreb West Station

Address: Trg Francuske Republike 13, Zagreb
Phone Number: +385 (0)1 3782 583
Email: /
Working Hours: 24/7

West Station, also known as Zapadni kolodvor is the second largest train station in Zagreb. It is located in the western part of the city. It also used to be the principal city station, before Glavni kolodvor took over. There is no Station sign on the building, but you can recognize it by the blue sign placed on the entrance. 

Location and getting there

Zapadni kolodvor is located about 2.5 kilometers west from the city center. Getting to the center on foot will take about 30 minutes. Therefore, taking public transportation is probably a better idea. Tram stop is located right next to the entrance. Easiest way is to take the tram No. 1 which gets you to the main Jelacic square in 10 minutes. One way tram tickets are pretty cheap, about 0.5 €. 


Train station’s building is in pretty bad shape. It was reconstructed in 2007, but no major changes have been made since. Therefore, there aren’t many services available on site. However passengers can easily find useful facilities nearby. Here is the list of amenities travelers can find inside the station:

  • Ticket Counter / Information Center
  • Caffe bar
  • Coffee machine
  • Kiosk
  • Seating area (outside)

Note that the ticket counter works from 06.10 AM to 5.40 PM on work days, and 07.05 AM to 2.35 PM on the weekends. If you are not able to buy a ticket there, you can do it either online or in the train. Also, there are no toilets available at the train station, and smoking is not allowed in the building. As for the other facilities nearby, there are several caffe bars, bakeries and hotels within 5 minutes of the station. There is also a parking space and a taxi stand right next to it.

Zagreb Klara Station

Address: Horvatova ulica 5, Zagreb
Phone Number: /
Email: /
Working Hours: /

Klara Station is the smallest train station in the city, located in Buzin, one of the city suburbs. It is also the furthest station from the city. Therefore, the majority of passengers staying in the city should probably consider other two train stations when travelling to or from Zagreb. Station building looks more like a house, recognizable by the ZAGREB – KLARA sign located right next to it.

Location and getting there

Klara station is located in the southern part of the larger Zagreb area. More precisely, about 7 kilometers from the Jelacic Square. Therefore, getting there on foot is probably not the best idea. Taking public transportation is one option, but in that case it’s necessary to combine multiple means of transport. That way it would take about 45 minutes to get to the city. Passengers would need to walk 15 minutes to Otok bus stop then take the bus No. 268 to Glavni kolodvor. After that there are several trams which go to the square. 


As stated before, Klara station is basically a house. Therefore, there are no amenities on site. The best options for travelers is to go to the nearby Supernova Zagreb Buzin supermarket. It is located 500 meters from the station and it has all the facilities needed. There you can find fast food restaurants, WC, caffe bars, grocery stores and so on.

Train Station to Bus Station

For anyone continuing their journey by bus, here are the details on how to reach the bus station from each train station.

From Main train station travellers can walk, which would take about 20 minutes. However, a better option would probably be taking Trams No. 2 or No. 6, which get there in 10 minutes. Waiting for the tram shouldn’t take longer than a couple minutes, as Zagreb’s tram network is pretty solid. Getting from Zapadni kolodvor to the bus station on foot would take about 45 minutes. Tram lines No. 1 and No. 2 arrive nearby. Fastest way is taking tram No. 2 from Talovceva stop and getting out on Branimir Trznica. After that it’s a 3 minute walk to the bus station. From Klara Station take the Bus No. 268 from Otok stop and exit at the Lisinski stop. After that, there is a tram line No. 5 which gets you a few minutes away from the bus station. Getting from Klara station to bus station takes the longest time.

Train Station to Airport

For anyone leaving (or arriving) to Zagreb by plane, here is the information about connections to train stations. Klara Station is the closest to the airport while the other two stations are a bit further away. However, they have better connections to the airport.

From the Main train station passengers can take public transportation or taxi. The fastest way would be to take tram No. 4 or No. 13 from the train station to the stop on Kvaternikov square. From there, the shuttle bus No. 290 operated by ZET departs every 35 minutes. Ticket price is 30 Kunas, about 3€, and travel time is about 30 minutes. From Zapadni kolodvor take the tram No. 1 to Heinzelova station, then the public bus 290 to the airport. From Klara Station you need to take 2 different buses to the airport. First one is Bus No. 268 departing from Otok stop. Second bus is No. 290 which you need to take after exiting on the Rudolf Fizir street. 

Train routes to Zagreb

Split – ZagrebDubrovnik – ZagrebRijeka – Zagreb
Ljubljana – ZagrebBudapest – ZagrebBelgrade – Zagreb
Munich – ZagrebVienna – ZagrebZurich – Zagreb

Train routes from Zagreb

Zagreb – SplitZagreb – DubrovnikZagreb – Rijeka
Zagreb – LjubljanaZagreb – BudapestZagreb – Belgrade
Zagreb – MunichZagreb – ViennaZagreb – Zurich


  • Is the main train station easy to navigate?

Despite being the largest in Croatia, the main train station is pretty small when compared to bigger European stations. With a total length of 187 meters, passengers can quickly get from one platform to the other. Also, most of the signs in the station are written in English, making it easier for travelers to navigate the station.  

  • Are there any hotels near the train stations?

Yes, there are several hotels located near the two stations in the city. There are also smaller B&B and apartments fairly close, so passengers have numerous options to choose from. 

  • Is there luggage storage available?

Yes, you can store your luggage at Glavni kolodvor. There are 2 places where you can leave your luggage. First one is located in the main hall, and the second one is at Platform 1. Price for a luggage locker is between 15-20 Kunas per day, which is about 2.5€.

  • Which station is the closest to the city?

Glavni kolodvor is the closest, but Zapadni kolodvor is also pretty close. On the other hand, Klara station is furthest from the city, so you definitely need to take either a taxi or public transport to the center.

Train station map

Below is a map highlighting the location of each train station in Zagreb. Use the menu in the upper right corner to get more information.


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    I want to buy two adult tickets from Zagreb main train station to Ljubljana on 24/4/2023 night. I will arrive at ZAG airport at 15:10 hrs on 24/4/2023. Hence, I expect to arrive at the Zagreb main train station after 20:00 hrs on that day. In this connection, I should be grateful if you would advise me of the following:
    (A) whether there is a train to
    be scheduled for running from Zagreb to Ljubljana at about this period of time
    (B) how can I get the train tickets
    (C) payment arrangement

    from Hong Kong

    • Maja   •  


      at this moment, you can book your ticket on the official website of the carrier (Croatian Railways). The tickets are paid online and received in your email.
      This way, you will also be able to see all the departures from Zagreb to Ljubljana and organize your waiting time accordingly.

      Train Croatia Team

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