Zagreb – Plitvice Lakes

There is no train from Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes. The railway route from Zagreb to Split passes through Rudopolje and Vrhovine train stops which are the closest train stations to Plitvice Lakes but do not provide a further connection by bus.  

However, the easiest and fastest way of travelling this route is taking a bus from Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes. Tickets start from €5 and there up to 20 daily departures. The journey takes approximately 2.5 hours. Buses depart from the main bus station in Zagreb which is located about 3 km from the city centre. Buses make a stop at the Plitvice Lakes bus stations Slunj (entrance 1), Korenica (entrance 2) and Mukinje. 

If you really want to travel this route by train, the only convenient option is to take a train from Zagreb (Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor) to Karlovac and continue further by bus from Karlovac to Plitvice Lakes

There are up to 17 daily train departures from Zagreb to Karlovac. Up to 15 of them are operated by a regular train. These trains are only 2nd class trains with no option of transporting vehicles and no reservations required. The total journey takes approximately 1 hour. Tickets cost around 36 HRK (~€5). 

There is one departure operated by InterCity (IC) train which is actually a train from Zagreb to Split. These trains offer 1st and 2nd class, an option of transporting bicycles and reservations are required. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes. Tickets cost around 54 HRK (~€7). 

There are up to two departures operated by fast trains. These trains are equipped with sleeping and couchette cars and offer an option of transporting cars. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes. Tickets cost around 43 HRK (~€5.5). 

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