Dubrovnik – Pula

There is no train from Dubrovnik to Pula. The railway connection in Croatia stops in Split, although there were once plans for expanding it further to Dubrovnik. As the train culture in Croatia did not grow with time, the plans were cancelled until further notice. 

Taking a bus from Dubrovnik to Pula is the most convenient way of travelling between these two cities. There are up to 3 daily departures, including a night bus. Tickets start from €42 and the journey takes around 15 hours. 

Split – Pula by Train

There is an option of travelling from Dubrovnik to Split by bus or catamaran, then continuing by train to Pula. This option is far less convenient and takes more time and money, but it is an option for those who would like to travel from Dubrovnik to Pula by train as much as possible. 

However, in order to get from Split to Pula, you will need to change the train in Rijeka. Also, you can expect a small part of the route from Rijeka to Lupoglav to be operated by bus. 

In most cases, the waiting time between the trains is up to 20 minutes, the overall journey takes around 12 hours. Still, sometimes the waiting time can be much longer, up to several hours. 

The route is operated by InterCity (IC) trains first part of the route, then the regular trains the second part of the route. 

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