Pula Train Station

Address: Kolodvorska 5, Pula

Phone Number: +385 (0)52 541 982, +385 (0)60 333 444

Email: /

Working Hours: Mon – Fri from January to June and from August to November from 08:10 am – 03:40 pm. Everyday from June to August from 08:40 am – 06:10 pm.

Pula Train Station is where passengers can board or get off the train when travelling to and from Pula by train. The station is an old building that requires modernization, however, it is the only train station in Pula that offers basic amenities and facilities. Besides the main train station, there is also a train stop Šijana which can serve as an alternative for boarding or getting off the train. Still, this train stop doesn’t offer any amenities or many facilities nearby. Tickets are bought on board. 

If travelling to Pula by train, below is the detailed guide for Pula Main Train Station. 

Location and getting there

Pula train station is a red building located on the waterfront, only a few minutes walk from Pula Arena and city centre. If not carrying a lot of luggage, getting to the train station can be done on foot. Both bus station and catamaran port are located within walking distance as well. 

An alternative way to get to the train station is by public transport. Bus lines No. 4 and 5 make a stop near the train station. The price of a ticket is about 11 HRK (~€1,50).


The train station is an old building that requires modernization, therefore you will find only basic facilities and amenities at the station. Here is a list of them:

  • Ticket Counter
  • Information Center
  • Toilets
  • Parking Lot
  • Cafe

The station’s lobby signs are mostly in Croatian language only, there are benches both outside and inside where passengers can wait for the train. Cafes, restaurants and grocery stores are all located nearby the station, and if looking how to pass time, Pula Arena and the Old Town are located a few minutes walk from the station. 

Train Station to Bus Station

Pula train station and bus station are located only about 10 minutes from each other. If not carrying a lot of luggage, the most convenient way to get from train station to bus station is on foot. However, if you want quick transportation, getting to the bus station is possible by taxi.

Train Station to Airport

If you are travelling by plane and need to reach the airport, Pula Airport is located about 6 km from Pula city centre. There is a regular shuttle bus service operating to and from the airport, departing from the bus station. 

Train routes to Pula

Rijeka – Pula

Zagreb – Pula

Zadar – Pula

Dubrovnik – Pula

Ljubljana – Pula

Trieste – Pula

Train routes from Pula

Pula – Rijeka

Pula – Zagreb

Pula – Zadar

Pula – Dubrovnik

Pula – Ljubljana

Pula – Trieste


  • Is the main train station easy to navigate?
    Yes, the train station building is not too big and contains basic facilities which makes it easy to navigate and get around.
  • Are there any hotels near the train stations?
    Accommodation such as hostel and the private apartment can be found nearby, about a few minutes away. 
  • Is there luggage storage available?
    No, there is no luggage storage service at the train station, but the staff might let you leave your luggage at the information desk throughout the day. However, there is a luggage storage service at the bus station, 10 minutes away. 

Pula Train Station Map