UK to Croatia Train

There is a train from the UK to Croatia, despite the distance between these two countries. However, there is no direct train from the UK to Croatia, but it is possible to travel with several train changes. Trains from the UK can go via Paris, Zurich and Ljubljana or via Brussels, Cologne, Stuttgart/Nuremberg and Vienna/Salzburg.

The most popular route from the UK to Croatia is London – Zagreb. From Zagreb it is possible to continue to other Croatian cities.

If decided to travel from the UK to Croatia by train, below is the guide for the most popular route.

London – Zagreb

There is a possibility to travel by train from London to Zagreb, although it is not the most convenient way of travelling between these two cities. However, this means you will probably have to buy separate tickets for separate journeys. Accordingly, your journey from London to Zagreb consists of (at least) three steps.

  • First, you have two options – you can either take the Eurostar train to Paris or to Brussels. The journey to Brussels takes approximately 2 hours and to Paris also about 2 hours.
  • If travelling via Paris, you can continue your journey by train to Munich or Zurich, if travelling to Brussels, you can continue to cities like Munich or Vienna.
  • Depending on your previous choice, you can continue from either Munich, Vienna or Zurich with a direct train to Zagreb.


A regular one-way ticket for Eurostar trains starts from around €60 to Paris and from around €35 to Brussels.

A regular one-way ticket from Paris to Munich starts from around €40 and from Paris to Zurich from around €29. A ticket from Brussels to Munich starts from around €18.

Buying a ticket in advance means less fares and it is possible to book all tickets along the route online.