Rijeka – Zagreb

Train from Rijeka to Zagreb is one of the most popular train routes as it connects the third-largest city in the country and the Istrian peninsula with the Croatian capital. The route is operated by Hrvatske Željeznice with 2 daily departures. 

The train departs from Rijeka Main Train Station located about 1 km from Street Korzo. The train arrives at Zagreb Main Train Station (Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor) located in the centre of Zagreb. The train stops at 23 or 46 more stations in between, depending on the type of train.

Types of trains

The route Zagreb – Rijeka is operated by 2 daily departures and 2 types of trains – fast train and regular train.

Fast trains are 1st and 2nd class trains, there is an option of transporting a bicycle and the reservations are possible. The fast train departs in the early morning hours, stops at 23 more stations between Rijeka and Zagreb and the total journey takes approximately 4 hours. 

Regular trains are only 2nd class trains with no option of transporting vehicles and no reservations required. The regular train departs in the afternoon, stops at 46 more stations between Rijeka and Zagreb and the total journey takes approximately 4.5 hours. 


The price of fast train ticket costs about 120 HRK (~€16).

The price of a regular train ticket costs about 170 HRK (~€22) for the 1st class and about 110 HRK (~€14) for the 2nd class.

Children between the age of 6 and 12, students and seniors have a 50% discount while youth between the age of 12 and 26 have a 30% discount.  

For all other discounts and benefits check Train Croatia Discounts.

If looking for the fastest and easiest way to travel this route, then consider taking a bus from Rijeka to Zagreb. Tickets start from €9 and there are over 40 departures per day, including several night buses. The journey takes about 2.5 hours. 

NOTE: In some cases, passengers who bought a train ticket might be transferred by bus instead, either some part or the entire route. This happens when a certain part of the railway on the route is under construction, which is highly influenced by the air temperature. Summer heats can cause the railway to extend which leads to malfunctions, while extremely low temperatures in winter shrink the railway which can lead to breakage. 

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Good to know

  • I have a heavy suitcase, can a taxi drop me to the train station in Rijeka?
    Yes, Rijeka Main Train Station is located close to the city centre, so it is easily accessible by taxi and other means of transport such as city buses. 
  • Where do I board the train in Rijeka?
    There are two train stations in Rijeka where you can board the train, find out more information here
  • Where do I get off the train in Zagreb?
    There are three train stations in Rijeka where you can get off the train, find out more information here.
  • Is there a car train from Rijeka to Zagreb?
    No, there are no car trains on this route.
  • Is there a luggage service at Rijeka/Zagreb train station?
    Yes, both train stations have luggage storage service. At Rijeka main train station, you can store your luggage in the lockers, opening hours: 04:30 – 22:00, price: 15 HRK (~€2) per day. At Zagreb main train station, you can leave your luggage in the lockers in the hallway for the price of 15-20 HRK (~€2.5-3) per day (depending on the size of the locker). 

For more information regarding trains in Croatia read our Train Croatia FAQ.