Sibenik Train Station

Address: Fra Jeronima Milete 24, Sibenik

Phone Number: +385 (0)22 333 699, +385 (0)60 333 444

Email: /

Working Hours: 07:00 – 11:10, 13:40 – 20:30

Sibenik Train Station is where passengers can board or get off the train when travelling to and from Sibenik by train.

Sibenik Train Station was built in 1877 and hasn’t been renovated much since then. It is the only train station in Sibenik. Still, it offers basic facilities and amenities to passengers. Besides the main train station, there is also a train stop Mandalina where passengers can board and get off the train as an alternative option, but there are no amenities on the train stop and the tickets are bought on board. 

Below is the detailed guide on how to get to the station.

Location and getting there

Sibenik train Station is located about 10 minutes walking from the city centre, right next to Sibenik ferry port. If not carrying a lot of luggage, getting to the train station can be done on foot as it is located on the coast, close to Sibenik promenade and some of the main sights in the city such as the Cathedral of Saint James. 

The other option is to take a bus to the train station. Buses in Sibenik are operated by Autotransport Sibenik and the closest bus station is at Sibenik Market which is a 2-minute walk from the train station. Another close station is the main bus station which is about 5 minutes from the train station. Almost every city bus line stops at one of these two stations. You can check more details on tickets and departures here


The train station is an old building that requires modernization and reconstruction, therefore you will find only basic facilities and amenities at the station. Here is a list of them:

  • Ticket Counter
  • Information Center
  • Toilets
  • Parking Lot
  • Cafe

Train Station to Bus Station

Sibenik Train Station and main bus station are two buildings only 400 meters apart. Therefore, the most convenient way to reach the bus station is on foot which is a 5-minute walk. Of course, taxis are at your disposal if by any chance you need it. 

Train Station to Airport

If you are travelling by plane and need to reach the airport, the closest airports to Sibenik are Zadar Airport and Split Airport

If you need to get to the airport in Zadar, you have to reach the main bus station in Sibenik in order to catch a bus to Zadar. It will take you to the main bus station in Zadar from where you can catch a shuttle bus to the airport

If travelling to the airport in Split, you also have to reach the main bus station in order to catch a bus to Trogir. From Trogir main bus station you can change to a city bus no. 37 that takes you to the airport. If necessary, the option is also to take a bus from Sibenik all the way to Split main bus station and change to an airport shuttle bus.

Train routes to Sibenik

Split – Sibenik

Zadar – Sibenik

Zagreb – Sibenik

Dubrovnik – Sibenik

Train routes from Sibenik

Sibenik – Split

Sibenik – Zadar

Sibenik – Zagreb

Sibenik – Dubrovnik


  • Is the main train station easy to navigate?
    Yes, the train station building is not too big and contains basic facilities which makes it easy to navigate and get around.
  • Are there any hotels near the train stations?
    Accommodation such as hostel and the private apartment can be found nearby, about 5-10 minutes away. 
  • Is there luggage storage available?
    No, there is no luggage storage service at the train station, but the staff might let you leave your luggage at the information desk throughout the day. 

Train Station Map