France to Croatia Train

Train from France to Croatia is one of the ways of travelling between these two countries, although not the most convenient one. Travelling from France to Croatia by train can last for more than 24 hours since there are no direct trains. However, it is possible to travel from Paris to Croatian cities such as Zagreb and Split, but at least one train change is required. The route is operated by SNCF

Below is the detailed guide for each popular train route from France to Croatia.

Paris – Zagreb

Train from Paris to Zagreb is not the fastest and most convenient way to travel between these two cities, but it is possible. However, there are no direct trains, all departures require at least one train change.

There is 1 daily departure that requires only 1 train change in Zurich. The route is usually operated by Lyria double-decker trains and EuroNight (EN) trains. The waiting time between the trains is about 4 hours, so the overall journey takes approximately 23 hours. 

There are other train departures that change depending on the date. On these departures, it is required to change trains several times. These trains usually make a stop in Zurich, Vienna, Stuttgart, Munchen, Luxembourg, Saarbrucken, Graz etc., depending on the departure. These departures are usually operated by the following trains:

  • EuroCity (EC) trains
  • InterCity (IC) trains
  • InterCity Express (ICE) trains
  • NOTE: On some departures, part of the route can be operated by bus instead.

The waiting time between the trains on these departures can vary from several minutes to several hours. Accordingly, the overall journey might take more than 30 hours

NOTE: The train schedule changes through the year, so it is important to check the exact date and departure. Also, not all trains depart from the same train station in Paris, so make sure you check that for your departure. 

The price of a regular one-way ticket depends on the departure, but the usual price for the departure where you change the train in Zurich only starts from around €155

However, as an alternative, you can consider taking a bus from Paris to Zagreb. If trying to stick to ground transportation, then this is a faster and more convenient option. 

Paris – Split

There are no direct trains from Paris to Split, all the departures require several train changes. Travelling this route by train is not the most convenient way, but it is possible. 

If you really want to travel from Paris to Split by train, first you need to get from Paris to Zagreb by train, as described in the first section. Once you get there, you need to change to a train from Zagreb to Split

An estimated price for the total journey starts from around €180. An estimated travel time is around 30 hours, not including the waiting time between the trains in Zagreb.

Paris – Dubrovnik

There is no train from Paris to Dubrovnik, although travelling between these two cities is popular. Getting from Paris by train is possible only to Split (changing a train in Zagreb). The railway in Croatia stops in Split so there is no further train connection to Dubrovnik.

Although travelling this distance by train hardly makes sense, if you really want to travel from Paris to Dubrovnik by using the train as much as possible, here is how to do it:

  • First, you will need to travel by train from Paris to Zagreb, as described in the first section.
  • Once you get there, you need to change to a train from Zagreb to Split.
  • As there is no further train connection, consider alternative options to get from Split to Dubrovnik.

An estimated total travelling time is around 33-34 hours, not including the waiting time in between. An estimated total price of all tickets starts from around €200, depending on the train ticket and means of transport to Dubrovnik.

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