Pula – Dubrovnik

There is no train from Pula to Dubrovnik. The railway connection in Croatia stops in Split, although there were once plans for expanding it further to Dubrovnik. As the train culture in Croatia did not grow with time, the plans were cancelled until further notice. 

Still, if you want to travel from Pula to Dubrovnik by train, the only option is to get from Pula to Split by train and further continue by bus or catamaran to Dubrovnik.

If you prefer ground transportation, then consider taking a bus from Pula to Dubrovnik as an alternative. There are up to 3 daily departures, including a night bus. Tickets start from €42 and the journey takes around 15 hours. 

Pula – Split by train

There are up to 6 daily train departures on the route Pula – Split, the more frequent schedule being on Fridays and Saturdays. However, all departures require up to 3 changes. The first change is in Lupoglav when a short bus ride takes you to Rijeka Main Train Station. From Rijeka, you continue by train to Oštarije, where you change the train once more and continue to Split. 

On some departures the train stops in Ogulin and doesn’t continue until the next morning, so make sure you check this information for your exact departure.

In most cases, the waiting time between the trains is up to 20 minutes, the overall journey takes around 12 hours. 

The route is operated by two types of trains. The regular train operates the first part of the route, while InterCity (IC) trains operate from Oštarije to Split with required reservations. 

The price of a regular one-way ticket is around 260 HRK (~ €34). Children between the age of 6 and 12, students and seniors have a 50% discount while youth between the age of 12 and 26 have a 30% discount. For all other discounts and benefits check Train Croatia Discounts.

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