Rijeka Train Station

There are two train stations in Rijeka. Majority of passengers will end up boarding or arriving at Rijeka Main Train Station. However, depending on the route of the trains, passengers can also board or arrive at one more station called Susak-Pecine. Below is the list and a detailed guide on how to get to each station and which one to choose.

Rijeka Main Train Station

Address: Trg kralja Tomislava 1, Rijeka

Phone Number: +385 (0)51 211 304

Email: /

Working Hours: 05:00 – 20:50

Rijeka main train station is where most passengers board or arrive when travelling to Rijeka by train. The classicist building itself was built in 1891 in the spirit of Hungarian construction. Today, the building is partially neglected and in bad condition. In 2020, a building renovation project has started in order to modernize both the interior and exterior of the train station.

Location and getting there

Main train station is located about 1 km from the city centre and Korzo Street. Therefore, passengers can get to the station by car in less than 5 minutes, or on foot in less than 15 minutes. If not carrying too much luggage, walking to the train station offers a chance to see Rijeka’s main sights along the way. 

If arriving at the station from other parts of Rijeka, then you can use the public transport. City bus stop is located right in front of the station. Nearly all bus lines make a stop at the train station, including lines no. 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3A, 5A, 6, 7, 7A, KBC and all night lines. A single ticket within zone 1 costs 10 HRK (~€1.30). 


As mentioned before, the train station is an old building that requires modernization and reconstruction. The renovation project started in 2020, but until then, it is clear that the station offers basic facilities for passengers. Here is the list of amenities travelers can find within Rijeka main train station:

  • Ticket Counter
  • Information Center
  • Toilets
  • Informative Display
  • Parking Lot
  • Luggage Storage
  • ATM and Exchange Office
  • Kiosk

The station’s lobby signs are mostly in Croatian, besides the informative display which is in both Croatian and English. The station is divided into Departure (Direction Zagreb) and Arrival (Direction Ljubljana) part. There are benches both outside and inside where passengers can wait for the train. Cafes, restaurants and grocery stores are all nearby the station, and if looking how to pass time, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is located right across the street.

Rijeka Susak-Pecine Station

Address: Drago Gervais 16a, Rijeka

Phone Number: /

Email: /

Working Hours: /

Rijeka Susak-Pecine Station is another train station in Rijeka which can serve as an alternative station for passengers, especially if arriving from or departing to the direction of Zagreb. Also, passengers whose travelling destination or accommodation is located closer to this station can choose to board the train or arrive here instead.

Location and getting there

Susak-Pecine station is located in the eastern part of Rijeka, an area separated by the Rječina River. The area belongs to two districts, Susak and Pecine. The city centre and Korzo Street are located only a 10-minute ride away. Getting to the station is easy by car or public transport. City bus line that stops at the station is line no. 1, while bus lines no. 1B and 9 stop nearby the station, about 10 minutes on foot. 

A single ticket for zone 1 costs 10 HRK (~€1.30) if bought from the bus driver. 


Susak-Pecine station is basically a house. Therefore, there are no amenities on site. You will find several fast foods, cafes and restaurants nearby, as well as a shopping mall Tower Center Rijeka with 120 shops, a cinema and a bowling alley. 

Train Station to Bus Station

For anyone continuing their journey by bus, here are the details on how to reach the bus station from each train station.

Rijeka main train station and the main bus station are located about 600 m from each other. Passengers can reach the bus station by car or public transport, just about 8 minutes down the road in the direction of the east. Basically any city bus line that stops in front of the train station takes you in front of the bus station, including lines no. 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3A, 6, 7, 7A, 8 and line KBC. These two stations are only 2 bus stops separated from each other. Also, buses stop either north or south of the bus terminal, depending on the line.

From Susak-Pecine station, passengers can reach the main bus station by car or public transport. City bus line no. 1 connects these two stations. The journey between the stations is around 10 minutes. 

In order to get to Rijeka ferry port, in both cases, the same city bus lines stop in the port as well.

Train Station to Airport

For those leaving or arriving in Rijeka by plane, here is the information about connections to train stations. Rijeka Airport (RJK) is located on the Krk island, which is approximately 30 km from Rijeka city centre. If travelling from the airport to the main train station or Susak-Pecine station, in both cases you should take a shuttle bus that takes you to Rijeka downtown, final stop being Jelacic Square. From there, you can reach the main train station by public transport (bus line no. 3A). The ticket for a shuttle bus costs 55 HRK (~€7.30). In order to reach Susak-Pecine station, you can catch a bus line no. 1 at Fiumara bus stop, just a short walk along the river bank from Jelacic Square. 

Train routes to Rijeka

Zagreb – Rijeka

Split – Rijeka

Pula – Rijeka

Dubrovnik – Rijeka

Ljubljana – Rijeka

Prague – Rijeka

Train routes from Rijeka

Rijeka – Zagreb

Rijeka – Split

Rijeka – Pula

Rijeka – Dubrovnik

Rijeka – Ljubljana

Rijeka – Prague


  • Is the main train station easy to navigate?
    The main train station is not a huge building so it is easy to get around. The signs are mainly in Croatian language which can be a bit confusing, but the building is generally divided into two parts, from the lobby you can continue to the Arrivals or Departures section. Also, the renovations are planned soon which will surely result in a lot of improvements. Susak-Pecine is basically just a train stop, so it is quite easy to navigate. 
  • Are there any hotels near the train stations?
    The main train station is located in central parts of Rijeka which makes it easy to find many nearby apartments and B&Bs. The same goes for Susak-Pecine station, especially if going in the direction of the coast, you can find hotels and hostels located by the beach. 
  • Is there luggage storage available?
    Yes, there is luggage storage service at the main train station. You can store your luggage in the lockers, opening hours: 04:30 – 22:00, price: 15 HRK (~€2) per day. 
  • Which station is the closest to the city?
    Rijeka main train station is definitely closer to the centre and all other important locations such as the bus station and ferry port. Still, Susak-Pecine is not that far from the city centre, only about a 10-minute ride and it is connected by public transport. 

Train station map