Zadar – Zagreb

Train from Zadar to Zagreb is a route that connects the capital city with one of the biggest cities on the Adriatic coast. The route is operated by Hrvatske Željeznice with up to 3 daily departures. 

However, if travelling from Zadar to Zagreb by train, you are boarding the bus first, then in Knin, you change to a train.

Although there is a railway connecting Zadar and Zagreb, the train does not travel the entire route, but only from Knin. The first part of the route from Zadar to Knin is operated by bus. This change does not mean you have to buy separate train/bus tickets.

Since 2014, all trains from Knin train station to Zadar train station have been cancelled and replaced by buses until further notice.

However, have in mind that the waiting time between the train and the bus can take from a few minutes to several hours, so make sure you check that for your exact departure. 

As an alternative option of ground transportation, consider taking a bus from Zadar to Zagreb. This is the most convenient way of travelling this route as there are up to 40 daily departures, including several night buses. Tickets start from €7 and the overall journey takes about 4 hours. 

If you still want to travel the route by using the train the most, the further guide will help you plan your trip. 

Type of Trains

The route from Zagreb to Knin is operated by two types of trains: InterCity (IC) train and Fast trains. 

InterCity (IC) trains operate the route in most cases, which is actually a train from Split to Zagreb. Although this train has 1st and 2nd class and offers an option of transporting bicycles, you board this train in Knin. The waiting time between the bus and the train varies from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the departure. 

Fast trains operate in several cases. Although this train is equipped with sleeping and couchette cars and offers an option of transporting cars, you board this train in Knin. The waiting time is around 6 hours, though.


The regular one-way ticket costs around 94 HRK (~ €12.5). 

Children between the age of 6 and 12, students and seniors have a 50% discount while youth between the age of 12 and 26 have a 30% discount.

For all other discounts and benefits check Train Croatia Discounts.

NOTE: In some cases, passengers who bought a train ticket might be transferred by bus instead, either some part or the entire route. This happens when a certain part of the railway on the route is under construction, which is highly influenced by the air temperature. Summer heats can cause the railway to extend which leads to malfunctions, while extremely low temperatures in winter shrink the railway which can lead to breakage.

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Good to know

  • I have a heavy suitcase, can a taxi drop me to the train station in Zadar?
    The bus departs from the main bus station in Zadar instead of the train station. The bus station is well connected by public transport and is accessible for taxis. 
  • Where do I board the train in Zadar?
    As stated above, buses operate the first part of the route, so all passengers need to board at the main bus station in Zadar.
  • Where do I get off the train in Zagreb?
    There are three train stations in Zagreb where you can board the train, find out more information here
  • Is there a car train from Zadar to Zagreb?
    No, there are no car trains from Zadar to Zagreb as passengers have to change to a bus at Knin station.
  • Is there a luggage service at Zagreb/Zadar train station?
    Yes, both train stations have luggage storage service. At Zagreb main train station, you can leave your luggage in the lockers in the hallway for the price of 15-20 HRK (~€2.5-3) per day (depending on the size of the locker). Since Zadar train station is not used, you can leave your luggage at the main bus station for 3 HRK/hour if the luggage is up to 15 kg and 10 HRK/hour if it’s more than 15 kg. 

For more information regarding trains in Croatia read our Train Croatia FAQ.