Split main railway station

Next year RegioJet train will run to Rijeka from Poland as well

In 2022, RegioJet will operate from Prague on the same scale as this year, but also plans to introduce a train from Poland (from Katowice or Krakow) which will go to Rijeka and Split via eastern Bohemia and Vienna.

RegioJet concluded this year’s tourist season on the lines to Croatia, more precisely to Rijeka and Split, with 50% more passengers than last year.

Namely, this private railway carrier transported a total of 90,000 passengers from the end of May to the end of September. As a reminder, last year RegioJet introduced a railway line from Prague via Bratislava to Rijeka for the first time which proved to be really successful.

One of the reasons for that was the extremely cheap tickets offered. Also, Croatia is a favorite destination among Czechs and Slovaks, so many of them took advantage of this new offer

Last year, the recognizable yellow RegioJet trains ran through Ljubljana to Rijeka, while this year the itinerary was slightly changed and they arrived in Croatia via Budapest and Zagreb. So the possibility of arrival for Hungarian tourists is open.

The train this year, in addition to Rijeka, went to Split. This season, too, the tickets were extremely affordable, so that for a one-way ticket Prague-Rijeka for the seat, you had to pay 18.90 euros, while a place in the sleeping compartment cost as little as 30 euros

Passengers are also offered the possibility of transporting their bicycles. Like last year, bus transfers to a number of other places were organized, including the Montenegrin coast.

New train line

Following the excellent results this year, RegioJet announced that it will open another market in the 2022 season – Poland. Namely, Poland proved to be a very potent market from which we recorded the growth of arrivals and overnight stays this year. Therefore, it climbed to the third place of the strongest emitting markets from which tourists come to us, just behind Germany and Slovenia.

According to the announcements of Aleš Ondruj, spokesman for RegioJet, next year it is planned to run a train from Prague in the same volume as this year, and a train from Poland will be introduced.

Overall, the season once again showed that Croatia is very interesting for guests from Central Europe. The new line last year was certainly an opportunity for Croatia to attract new groups of tourists, who in standard circumstances would not go to Croatia. RegioJet trains have thus raised the awareness of Czech tourists about Rijeka and Split and Croatia in general as tourist destinations.

Last year and this year, RegioJet, among others, cooperated with Croatian Railways in setting up railway lines. When asked how they evaluate the cooperation with HŽ, Ondruj told us that the cooperation with HŽ was very good and very professional.

Source: Novilist.hr